Bringing People and Data Together

Bringing People and Data Together

Learn how Children's Hospital Association's data tools can provide new insights into your organization.

Improve patient outcomes and optimize internal processes using Children's Hospital Association's (CHA) data tools. Our data visualizations, reports, and Tableau dashboards make data comparable across children's hospitals, allowing you to see peer comparisons and trends over time.

As the nationally recognized expert in pediatric analytics, CHA has decades of experience collecting, analyzing, and sharing data specific to children's hospitals. Look at some ways we make pediatric data comparisons possible for children's hospitals' executives, clinicians, and quality improvement leaders.

Optimize antimicrobial use

Antimicrobial resistance threatens the health of millions each year, including children. The Antimicrobial Stewardship Dashboard available in CHA's Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS®) helps quality leaders and clinicians at pediatric hospitals optimize antimicrobial use. The Tableau-powered dashboard adjusts antimicrobial use for pediatric diagnoses and procedures so adjusted antimicrobial utilization measurements reflect practice variations.

Measure clinically effective care

Children's hospitals must balance the need for tests and treatments with the financial, emotional, and physical consequences of health care services that aren't beneficial to patients and families. We use PHIS® data to create a Tableau dashboard that benchmarks tests and procedures that do not add value or improve outcomes for patients with certain conditions.

Sepsis data tracking is transitioning

Every year, 40,000 children in the U.S. are hospitalized for sepsis. Sepsis data tracking is transitioning to CHA's PHIS® and Inpatient Essentials (IE) to allow hospitals to measure compliance with evidence-based care practices and important sepsis outcomes.

Enhance your data insights

Take your hospital performance to a new level with CHA data insights, powered by Tableau. With the new data visualization, you can easily benchmark against peers, access industry trends, and build effective strategies for your organization.

See how your workforce compares

CHA's HR Metrics dashboard, also powered by Tableau, makes it easier to interact with PROSPECT's recruitment and retention data. The dashboard reports at multiple levels, from hospital to cost center reference code, making it useful for any role to see how your workforce compares in the metrics you care about.


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