HR Metrics Interactive Dashboard

HR Metrics Interactive Dashboard

Enhance recruitment and retention insights with a new data visualization.

Children's Hospital Association's new HR Metrics dashboard, powered by Tableau, makes it easier than ever to interact with PROSPECT’s recruitment and retention data.

Whether you want to view key performance indicators at a glance or drill down to granular data, the HR Metrics dashboard lets you to see how your workforce compares to similar hospitals in the metrics you care about.

With a few clicks, you can discover:

  • Changes in active employees, turnover, first year of service turnover and new hires.
  • Retention and recruiting measures down to individual job title and cost center reference code.
  • Top areas of improvement based on peer performance.
Sample workforce dashboard. View full-size image.

Anyone with PROSPECT HR Metrics data access can leverage the tool to uncover actionable insight for their specific goals—navigation is simple, easy and intuitive, even for those who are not tech-savvy or experienced with data reporting.

The dashboard reports metrics at multiple levels, from hospital to cost center reference code, making it useful for any role, from executive leaders to analysts.

View a demonstration of the HR Metrics dashboard to learn more.

How to access the dashboard

Sign in here with your CHA username and password. To use the dashboard, your hospital must be a participant in PROSPECT HR Metrics.

If you don't have access, or have trouble accessing the dashboard, please contact your PROSPECT HR Metrics primary contact or reach out to analytics support.