CHA works with policymakers in Congress and the administration to ensure every child has access to high-quality, cost-effective health care services.

Policy Priorities

Learn more about CHA's 2024 policy priorities.

Family Advocacy Day 2024: Team CHA

Patients and their families will meet with federal policymakers and their staff to increase awareness and advance public policy priorities to support children's health and health care.

April 30, 2024

Mental Health

Children are experiencing a significant and growing mental health crisis. Urgent support is needed to bolster capacity and infrastructure for pediatric mental health.

CHGME and Workforce

Providing the best possible care for children starts with access to the best children's doctors. The future of the pediatric workforce hinges on continuous and adequate funding.

Medicaid and CHIP

The single largest sources of health care coverage for kids in the U.S. play a critical role in helping children growing up healthy.

Pediatric Health Care Capacity

Children’s hospitals are the nation’s health care safety net for all kids and provide nearly all specialized care for children.

Private Coverage

Almost half of children in the U.S. have private insurance coverage through their parents’ employer-sponsored insurance or the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges.

340B and Pharmaceutical Access

Access to life-saving specialized medicines is critical for children. Children's hospitals depend on the ability to obtain pharmaceuticals in various ways.

Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness

Children’s physical and mental health needs must be prioritized in the nation’s pandemic and disaster preparedness and response infrastructure.

Children's Hospitals Make Life's Moments Possible

From comprehensive care to advanced treatment for the most complex conditions, children’s hospitals make it possible for kids and their families to experience the important moments.