Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Learn more about Children's Hospital Association's multi-layered approach to protect information and monitor our applications, systems and processes to meet the growing challenges of cybersecurity.

We understand that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our members' information are vital to their business operations and our ability to uphold the association’s mission. We use a multi-layered approach to protect that information, and we constantly monitor and improve our applications, systems and processes to meet the growing challenges of cybersecurity.

Address multiple threat sources

Users of online services are potential targets for attempts to steal login credentials and other sensitive information. These threats include hijacking, phishing emails seeking information or delivering malware, and phone calls attempting to gather information to gain unauthorized access or privileged knowledge.

Confirm web page security

CHA provides TLS encryption (HTTPS) for login and communications between CHA applications and the user's web browser. This means that if you log in to the CHA website over an unsecured wireless network, your login credentials and business data are protected from sniffing and hijacking tools. Encryption is also in place when accessing our website across your hospital or corporate network. The padlock icon indicates that the page uses the correct data transfer security standard and authenticates the integrity of the message. Look for the lock icon in the appropriate location based on your browser.

Alert employees, provide enhanced defense

Training can help staff recognize a fraud attempt and offer greater protection for your organization. Remind your users that CHA employees will not ask for usernames or passwords. CHA provides a toll-free number to help you verify if an unknown caller is a CHA employee. Call 1-888-565-2422 to verify their identity. Staff may also request a call-back number or email address for verification.

Report suspicious email

If your organization receives a suspicious email that appears to originate from CHA, forward the email to: and then delete it.

Report compromised credentials

If you suspect that your login credentials, username and password, have been compromised, please change your password immediately and notify

Compliance hotline

Need to report compliance issues? Call CHA's compliance hotline at 1-800-684-6469. The hotline is anonymous and available 24/7.

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