About Children's Hospital Association

About Children's Hospital Association

Children's Hospital Association helps children's hospitals and health systems better serve children and families.

At Children's Hospital Association, we bring together the clinical and administrative leaders of children's hospitals to create meaningful change in children's health care and child health. Through collaboration, improvement, opportunities and advocacy, we can make progress on the issues facing children's hospitals and the communities they serve.

220 is stronger than one

Children's hospitals are essential providers, setting the standard for the highest quality pediatric care while training the next generation of pediatricians. At Children's Hospital Association, we're here to bring children's hospitals together.

Alongside our members, we champion policies, practices and performance improvements that enable children's hospitals to better serve children and families, focusing our efforts in areas of greatest impact: policy, quality and patient safety, and analytics to inform the decision-making of clinicians, policymakers, payers and providers.


We offer programming that all children's hospitals and their leaders can get involved in and collaborate with their peers across the country. But the true power in these programs is when members come together.


By building a network rich in collaboration for our member hospitals, we have created a learning environment that enables children's hospitals to share and learn from one another and industry experts and leverage pediatric-specific data. This network fosters valuable improvement opportunities, from skill-building, best practices and creative solutions to new challenges.


Through partnerships and alliances with other hospital, professional and child health organizations, we leverage the collective influence of our member hospitals to benefit child health and children's health care. We provide a shared voice nationally for pediatric providers to advocate for policies that allow children's hospitals and health systems to provide effective, patient-first care.


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