Data Insights

Data Insights

Get more data in more hands for utilization, patient encounters and surgical services, financial performance and employee well-being.

At Children’s Hospital Association, it’s one of our priorities to bring the right people and data points together to help understand and answer some of the biggest questions facing children’s hospitals. By aggregating data across pediatric hospitals and health systems, children’s hospitals can identify improvement in both large and small challenges. How can we improve patient outcomes? Where do pediatric hospitals need to shift resources to or away from? How can we make children’s hospitals a safer place to receive care?

Data specifically for children’s hospitals

When it comes to using comparative data to identify improvement opportunities, it’s important to focus on hospitals and patient populations like yours. That’s why we created a suite of pediatric-specific data and benchmarking solutions with children’s hospital needs in mind.

Alongside our member hospitals and using more than 2,500 pediatric-specific data points, we've:

  • Increased early recognition of sepsis by 30%.
  • Identified more than 2,000 early warning signs of potential harm.
  • Published more than 1,000 peer-reviewed articles referencing CHA-supported data sources.
  • Identified more predictive analytics and equitable care opportunities by merging the Child Opportunity Index with the PHIS® database.
  • Uncovered the highest areas of waste and low-value care within children's hospitals.
  • Captured the progress of vaccinating U.S. children by sharing data with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Data Solutions for Children's Hospitals 

Leverage Clinical and Resource Utilization Data

The Pediatric Health Information System® (PHIS) comparative database assesses inpatient, ambulatory surgery, ED and observation unit encounters.

Access Peer Benchmarking Data

Take a broad look at your hospital's characteristic, utilization, financial, and operational data with the Children's Hospital Association Annual Benchmark Report.

Improve Hospital Staffing Models

PROSPECT helps children’s hospitals develop appropriate staffing standards, reduce costs and maintain viability in the market.

Analyze Surgical Services Performance

Identify improvements using COMPARE Surgical Services operational performance indicators, reporting on productivity, expenses and more.

Evaluate Pediatric Inpatient Cases

Benchmark against peer hospitals’ inpatient visits and identify operational improvements using Inpatient Essentials.

Go Beyond Traditional Employee Health Resources

Organize medical and pharmacy claims alongside ancillary data to understand employee health with the Claims and Health Analytic Resource Tool® (CHART).