Evaluate Pediatric Inpatient Cases

Evaluate Pediatric Inpatient Cases

Benchmark against peer hospitals’ inpatient visits and identify operational improvements using Inpatient Essentials.

Inpatient Essentials is a comparative pediatric database with clinical data from 90 children's hospitals. Participating hospitals can identify operational improvements specifically for inpatient pediatric populations and benchmark against peer hospitals on key measures including: 

  • Case mix index
  • Readmissions
  • Average length of stay
  • Cases
  • Charges and cost
  • Mortality


  • Data: patient abstracts, diagnoses (ICD-9/10) and procedures.
  • Patient types: inpatient and observation.
  • Transparency: blinded hospital ID, peer selection by hospital type and patient characteristics.


Inpatient Essentials provides executive-level reports that highlight trends based on key children's hospital metrics. Drill-down capability allows for the identification of improvement opportunities. Key metrics can be exported for additional analysis using local software. 


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