Access Peer Benchmarking Data

Access Peer Benchmarking Data

Take a broad look at your hospital's characteristic, utilization, financial, and operational data with the Children's Hospital Association Annual Benchmark Report.

The Annual Benchmark Report (ABR) is a pediatric-specific data program available to all Children’s Hospital Association members. The comparative data set allows children’s hospitals and health systems to compare themselves to peers. With data from more than 150 pediatric hospitals, the ABR also advances CHA’s advocacy efforts and highlights the value of children’s hospitals and how they differ from other health care providers.

What it measures

The ABR collects more than 400 data points and provides a comprehensive, relevant benchmarking tool for member hospitals. Data collected includes:

  • Characteristics: What programs and services do your peers offer? How are their organizations structured?
  • Utilization: How do your admissions compare to similar-sized hospitals?
  • Finance: Are your operating expenses higher than your peers?
  • Operations: How do your staffing models compare to your peers?

How it works

Annual data submission begins each spring. Member hospitals are encouraged to submit data annually to ensure metrics stay current. After hospitals complete their first survey, 70% of subsequent ABR surveys are auto populated, making submission quick and easy.

Use the data

CHA members may use ABR metrics at any time for strategic planning, budgeting, and benchmarking. The ABR is a benefit of membership. There are no additional fees to participate.


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