Retention: Empower Your Employees

Retention: Empower Your Employees

Support your staff and engage employees to improve retention and reduce burnout.

Research shows that keeping staff is more important than finding them due to the extreme costs of turnover, and happier employees are more productive and engaged. Children’s hospitals and health systems have found new ways to engage their employees, reduce burnout, and enhance fulfillment and well-being.

Find a collection of these strategies below. If your hospital has a program making an impact, we want to hear from you.


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Retention Strategies: How Two Hospitals Are Adapting to Today’s Workforce

Flexible scheduling and career models have improved retention at these children’s hospitals.

5 Programs to Improve Employee Retention

These workforce initiatives have proven effective at reducing staff turnover at children's hospitals.

Nurse Retention: 3 Essential Changes Children's Hospitals Must Make

By upending traditional approaches to workforce, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is keeping nurses engaged (and employed) for the long haul.

Engaging Employees in a Buyer's Market

By adapting to employee expectations and needs, this hospital reduced staff turnover by a third.

On-Site Child Care Spurs Retention

Hospital-run centers provide convenient care tailored to the needs of health care workers—and staff who use them stay longer.

This Certification Course Increased Retention for Behavioral Health Staff and Outcomes for Patients

After developing an in-house certification program, behavioral health staff turnover fell by half, patient restraints decreased by 44%, and employee engagement skyrocketed.


A Well-Being Program for the Whole Person

A multi-pronged approach meets the physical, psychological and emotional needs of employees.

Stress First Aid: Peer Support for Emotional Health

A military first aid method helps hospital staff recover from stressful events.

A Quick Way to Reduce Employee Stress and Burnout

Biweekly meditation sessions help doctors, nurses, caregivers and other staff slow down, manage stress and be resilient.

A Virtual Method for Reducing Real Burnout

This hospital’s study showed significantly reduced burnout in employees after virtual reality sessions.

How to Protect Staff and Patients From Violence in the Hospital

From detection tools to staff training, children’s hospitals are upping their security measures in response to growing violence across the country.

How to Cut OSHA-Recordable Events in Half

A pathway at St. Louis Children’s Hospital decreases workplace violence and length of stay for patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


How to Get Rid of 'Senseless Stuff' at Your Children's Hospital

This formal process empowers staff members to create solutions to everyday problems, making room for things that matter and improving the employee experience.

Using Quality Improvement to Reduce Burnout

A novel collaboration between the well-being and continuous improvement teams teaches associates to identify and remove waste from their daily work.

How to Improve Portal Messaging Workflow

A new process for answering patient portal messages improved staff response times, resiliency and well-being.


How to Cultivate a Happy Workforce

Children’s hospitals are using a practical framework to restore and empower a strained workforce.

The Four Pillars of Resilience

Help employees mitigate burnout by cultivating change at the team level.

How to Build High-Performing Teams

Learn the key to making hospital teams more productive, effective and happier.

A 5-Minute Routine to Build Lasting Resilience

This 7-step process aims to eliminate stress at its source and build resilient individuals and teams.

How to Foster a Thriving Workforce

Two children’s hospitals are achieving great results using a practical framework for employee engagement.

How to Control Your Mindset (According to an NBA Psychologist)

These mindset principles can help children's hospital leaders reach peak performance and fulfillment in difficult environments.

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