Behavioral Health

Behavioral health

Children’s hospitals are seeing a growing number of children with behavioral and mental health needs; often, families don’t know where to turn. This has put pressure on facilities not designed to care for combative, aggressive or at-risk patients. 

This complex issue is leading to higher costs of care and longer hospital stays, contributing to provider burnout and injuries, and uncovering the lack of specialized community services. 

New strategies are needed to ensure these children have the best outcomes. Many children’s hospitals are developing programs that support staff in recognizing signs, preventing escalation, and connecting patients and families with the right kind of care. 

Key Topics

  • Behavioral Health Clinical Care Clinical Care

    See how children’s hospitals are addressing behavioral health needs on an operational level, from screening to staffing to care management.

  • Behavioral Health Community Partnerships Community Partnerships

    Pediatric institutions are increasingly establishing relationships with schools, first responders and other local organizations to make an impact on behavioral health issues.

  • Behavioral Health Employee Safety Employee and Patient Safety

    Safety for staff and patients with behavioral health needs is a growing concern and children’s hospitals are finding new strategies for maintaining safe environments.

  • Behavioral Health Population Health Population Health

    Addressing demographics that influence child health are integral to managing behavioral concerns and achieving greater overall public health outcomes.

  • Resources Index

    Search all behavioral health resources by subtopic or resource type.

Discussion Group

Discuss with hospital colleagues how to manage care for children with behavioral and mental health needs. Topics include programs, staff support, cost of care and more. The new group is open to all members.

Clinician Training

New online courses through Pediatric Learning Solutions prepare clinicians working in areas where pediatric patients with psychiatric and/or behavioral health disorders may be encountered.