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Photo: Christy Steadman, Niswonger Children’s Hospital; Johnson City, Tennessee

Medicaid covers millions of children across the U.S., providing them with the coverage and services they need to become healthy and productive adults. A strong Medicaid program is an important investment for children and the country.

COVID-19 Update: our resource hub for children’s hospitals tracks policy-related resources helpful to your work during the COVID-19 crisis.



COVID-19: Policy Resources for Children's Hospitals
November 22, 2021

This resource hub is designed to help you track policy-related resources helpful to your work during the COVID-19 crisis.

Press Release
CHA Statement on House Passage of the Build Back Better Act
November 19, 2021

We are pleased to see inclusion of multiple provisions that benefit children and families.

Press Release
CHA Statement on Domestic Policy Framework
October 29, 2021

Children's hospitals are pleased to see today's progress on President Biden's domestic policy legislative framework.

Press Release
Children's Hospitals Thank Bipartisan Task Force for Mental Health and Addiction Legislative Plan
September 30, 2021

Children's hospitals thank the Bipartisan Addiction and Mental Health Task Force for calling for expanding access to mental health care for children and families.

Announcement or News
National Awareness Campaign on Pediatric Capacity
September 21, 2021

We have launched a national campaign highlighting the 'perfect storm' of COVID, RSV, mental health issues and staffing challenges that children's hospitals are facing.

Analysis or Summary
CMS Releases CY 2022 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule Seeking to Expand Access to Tele-mental Health Services
August 20, 2021

We developed draft comments on the CY 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule.

Letter or Testimony
FY 2022 Medicare IPPS Final Rule Summary
August 12, 2021

CMS issued the FY 2022 Medicare IPPS final rule.

Letter or Testimony
Supplemental Payments Reporting Requirements Project
August 5, 2021

We have launched a project with the goal of informing the supplemental payments reporting system developed and implemented by CMS.

Analysis or Summary
Key Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers
July 20, 2021

State-by-state summaries of waivers for statuatory Medicaid requirements as allowed by Section 1115 of the Social Security Act and approval of the Secretary of HHS.

Fact Sheet
Federal Hospital and Payer Price Disclosure Requirements - Fact Sheet
July 8, 2021

An overview of four regulatory and legislative vehicles that establish discrete hospital and/or payer price disclosure requirements.

Talking Points
Co-sponsor the Accelerating Kids' Access to Care Act
May 21, 2021

Ask your lawmakers to co-sponsor S. 1544/H.R. 3089, the Accelerating Kids' Access to Care Act of 2021.

Press Release
Children's Hospitals Praise Introduction of Bipartisan Accelerating Kids' Access to Care Act
May 14, 2021

Children's hospitals applaud the reintroduction of the bipartisan Accelerating Kids' Access to Care Act.

Looking Back on 10 Years of CHA
April 28, 2021

As we build foundations for our future, we look back on what we’ve built and learned together.

Fact Sheet
Health Care Coverage Sources for America's Children
April 1, 2021

Children receive health care coverage through an array of programs that protects our nation's kids, and investment in that system remains critical.

Analysis or Summary
Congressional Relief Legislation and Children's Hospitals Requests in Response to COVID-19
April 1, 2021

Multiple packages for COVID-19 relief have passed to date. Read more about them here.

Analysis or Summary
COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Timeline
March 19, 2021

The COVID-19 public health emergency will likely be extended to the end of 2021.

Announcement or News
Letter to the Editor Flags COVID-19 Financial Impact to Children’s Hospitals
March 17, 2021

Children's hospitals have not recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

Press Release
Children's Hospitals' Statement on Enactment of the American Rescue Plan of 2021
March 11, 2021

Children's hospitals applaud the enactment of the American Rescue Plan, which contains numerous provisions benefitting the health and well-being of children and families.

Analysis or Summary
COVID-19 Provider Relief Fund Summary
March 5, 2021

A summary of the COVID-19 Provider Relief Fund, including allocated and disbursed funds.

Analysis or Summary
CMS Releases Guidance to States on Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Medicaid and CHIP
March 3, 2021

CMS released a letter to state health officials providing guidance under Medicaid and CHIP to address SDOH.

Analysis or Summary
Chart of Section 1135 Waivers for State Medicaid/CHIP COVID-19 Response
February 19, 2021

This chart summarizes approved state 1135 waivers of Medicaid and CHIP requirements and will be updated as CMS approves additional states' requests.

Analysis or Summary
Tennessee Approved to Implement First Medicaid Block Grant Waiver
January 29, 2021

CMS approved Tennessee's Section 1115 Medicaid waiver request.

Press Release
Children's Hospitals Congratulate President Biden, Vice President Harris
January 20, 2021

Children's hospitals extend best wishes to President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their team.

Analysis or Summary
Securing Updated and Necessary Statutory Evaluations Timely (SUNSET) Final Rule Summary
January 15, 2021

HHS released the SUNSET final rule.


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