The Importance of Lived Experience in Achieving Health Equity

The Importance of Lived Experience in Achieving Health Equity

Oct. 18, 2022

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  • Written By:
    Jessica Salem
    Executive Director, Center for Health Equity
    Dayton Children's Hospital

About This Event

In 2021, Dayton Children's launched its new Center for Health Equity. Combined with a robust focus on health outcomes, the center aims to address health disparities through community partnerships and hospital investment.

The core of the center was designed around a well-established community engagement program, building infrastructure around data analytics, research, quality improvement and community co-design to promote long-term sustainability.

While the center is still new, outcomes to date include:

  • A health equity dashboard which includes a continuum of metrics from health outcomes to rating of community engagement strategies by community members.
  • A redesigned community advisory board with community residents.
  • Equity action labs which incorporate lived experience into quality improvement initiatives.

The voices of those most impacted by health disparities need to be engaged in the co-design of solutions. For decades, health care has taken a top-down approach, Dayton Children's approach is challenging this traditional power dynamic.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain why patient and community voice is an essential element to achieve health equity.
  • Give examples of how to engage those with lived experiences in the co-design of solutions.

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