More Than Just Hair: Improving Hair Care Equity in Health Care

More Than Just Hair: Improving Hair Care Equity in Health Care

Oct. 04 - 14, 2022

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About This Event

"More Than Just Hair: Improving Hair Care Equity in Health Care" is a five-part webinar series exploring the topic of hair care equity in health care from multiple perspectives.

The series aims to:

  • Acknowledge and highlight the inequities in hair care hygiene practices in health care.
  • Raise awareness about the impact of hair care inequity on patients, families and health care workers.
  • Introduce hair care equity initiatives currently in place and share best practices.
  • Discuss strategies to address hair care inequity in health care from a systemic perspective.

This webinar series was made possible through the collaborative work of St. Louis Children's Hospital, Nationwide Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and was supported by Children's Hospital Association.

Keynote Address

Leadership Learning Session

Direct Patient Care Learning Session

Supply Chain Learning Session

Closing Panel Discussion


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