Creating a Culture of Recognition

Creating a Culture of Recognition

April 23, 2024


Noon EST


  • Written By:
    Madeline Quinn, BSN, RN, CCRN, CPN
    Employee Experience Coordinator, Human Resources
    Children's Nebraska
  • Written By:
    Ryan Sudweeks
    Account Executive
  • Written By:
    Paige Simpson
    Client Success Manger

About This Event

Meaningful recognition has been proven to decrease employee safety events and improve retention, strategic goal attainment, net promoter score, and operating margins. Children's Hospital Association's Benefit Advisory Services is excited to introduce Awardco, and discuss how they helped Children’s Nebraska enhance their employee recognition efforts and build a culture of appreciation within their hospital.

Explore a comprehensive recognition platform utilizing the Awardco software, which incorporates peer-to-peer, leader-to-peer, milestone, and special event programming. This webinar will be hosted by Madeline Quinn, a nurse and employee experience program manager at Children’s Nebraska, and Awardco as they explore an overview of their unique recognition platform.

Discover how a combined passion for recognition and a personalization of the pediatric health care space can create a culture of recognition to promote joy, well-being, and belonging in children’s hospitals.


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