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The Children’s Hospital Association has a number of experts who are available to talk to the news media about topics ranging from health care trends in children’s hospitals to pediatric quality improvement and cost containment to child health policy. 

To speak with one of our spokespeople or other experts on specific child health issues, please contact Gillian Ray, (202) 753-5327.

Mark Wietecha, President and CEO

Mark Weitecha

Over the past 30 years, Mark Wietecha has established himself as having one of the nation’s more insightful perspectives on the children’s hospital and academic medical center sectors. Read Mark's bio.

  • Trends in children’s health care
  • The business of children’s hospitals
  • Trends in academic medicine
  • Hospital mergers and acquisitions
  • Hospital system governance and financing
  • ACE and managed care networks
  • Medicaid and Medicaid reform for children
  • Children with medically complex conditions
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Amy Wimpey Knight, Chief Operating Officer

Amy KnightAs the chief operating officer of CHA, Knight focuses on advancing standards for quality and safety in pediatrics and creating opportunities for children’s hospitals to share and spread knowledge generated within and outside of the industry. Knight developed her expertise over years as a leader in a children’s hospital and through strategic consulting to children’s hospitals across the nation. Read Amy's bio.


  • Trends in children’s health care
  • The business of children’s hospitals
  • Pediatric quality and patient safety
  • Children’s hospital leadership development
  • Population health management for children

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