We are a membership association that comprises children's hospitals and institutions that care for acute and complex pediatric patients. The hospital or institution is considered the member and its current employees are eligible to participate in various programs and services.

Who is eligible for institutional membership?

(includes voting rights and committee representation)
  • Self-governing, not-for-profit children's hospitals that care for patients with conditions normally requiring a stay of less than 30 days
  • Self-governing, not-for-profit, independent specialty and psychiatric children's hospitals, including those with clinical specialization in orthopedics, rehabilitation, chronic diseases or mental illness
  • Pediatric units of not-for-profit medical institutions caring for patients normally requiring stays of less than 30 days and serving as the primary teaching sites of organized pediatric departments of approved medical schools
  • Not-for-profit medical institutions each with a pediatric graduate education program affiliated with a medical school, but not the primary teaching site, and having a minimum daily pediatric census of 45 and recognition as a pediatric referral center
  • Committees or other entities pursuing the development of not-for-profit children's hospitals

What other organizations can join?

Not-for-profit or for-profit children's health care providers that are not eligible for institutional membership, but wish to participate in and support applicable association programs are able to join as non-voting members.

Institutions not in the U.S. are eligible for International Membership.

What are the membership fees?

Membership dues are based on the type and size of the institution, and are assessed annually.

What benefits are included in membership?

Membership dues provide the critical funding necessary to build and sustain the infrastructure and resources for programs and services benefiting all participating children's hospitals. This investment advances topics of importance to children's hospitals—topics where alongside children's hospitals, the association is the main voice for advocacy and a venue for collaboration.

Through your membership, you:

  • Continue advocacy campaigns to reform Medicaid for children
  • Lead the charge for Children's Hospital Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) bipartisan reauthorization
  • Expand and enhance pediatric clinical datasets and analytic capabilities, making benchmarks and trends more widely available to member hospitals
  • Improve the quality and safety of care for children
  • Provide opportunities to interact with peers and learn from industry and national thought leaders
  • Gain access to programs and services to aggregate buying power for substantial cost savings
  • Participate in optional programs to accelerate targeted operational, clinical or organizational performance improvement

The Association also offers a variety of complimentary and fee-for-service programs institutions can leverage to fit individual needs. View our Programs & Services.

Our Member Relations staff can help you identify just the right portfolio of programs to maximize your membership.

How does an institution apply?

Email the Member Relations team or call (913) 262-1436.

How can non-health care providers support the Association?

Non-health care providers can support children's hospitals through our sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

This member orientation, recorded at the 2016 Annual Leadership Conference, was designed for new members and those who want to learn more about the Association. View the recording to learn how Association programs, products and services can benefit your hospital.