Learn more about membership with Children's Hospital Association.

Children's Hospital Association is a membership organization of children's hospitals, health systems and related organizations providing primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary care to children in their communities and beyond. The hospital, health system or pediatric organization is considered the member, and its current employees and affiliated medical staffs are eligible to participate in various programs and services.

What are member benefits?

Membership dues provide the critical funding necessary to sustain the infrastructure and resources for programs and services benefitting all participating children’s hospitals. This investment advances topics of importance to our members.

Through your membership, you have access to:

  • Topical and role-based groups to ask questions, make connections and find new approaches.
  • Annual conferences hosted by CHA that bring hundreds of children’s hospital leaders together for networking and problem-solving.
  • Webinars throughout the year and on-demand presentations to watch and share with colleagues at your convenience.
  • Safety alerts and risk assessments to proactively identify patient harm risks.
  • Quality improvement best practices.
  • Pediatric-specific data sets that inform decision-making within your hospital and in advocacy efforts.
  • Groups that influence advocacy campaigns and policy recommendations.

We also offer a variety of pay-to-participate programs that children’s hospitals can leverage to fit individual needs and goals. Our member relations team can help you identify the right portfolio of groups and programs to maximize your membership.

What is the cost of membership?

Membership dues are based on the type and size of the institution. Dues are assessed annually.

How can you apply?

Contact the member relations team.

How can non-health care providers support CHA?

Non-health care providers can support children’s hospitals through our sponsorship and advertising opportunities.


Children's Hospital Directory

Our network of more than 220 children's hospitals with expertise in providing the specialized care that kids need are located throughout the U.S.