• About Children's Hospitals

    Learn why when it comes to health care, kids are different and children's hospitals are critical providers of pediatric care and child health promotion.

  • About the Association

    Our mission, priorities and information on the association.

  • Board of Trustees

    Volunteer leadership of the association.

  • Staff Leadership

    Senior staff leaders of the association.

  • Membership

    Criteria for categories of membership in the association.

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Corporate partnerships provide companies tailored opportunities for marketing that support the association’s mission to advance innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care with children’s hospitals.

  • Careers

    Career opportunities at children's hospitals and the association.

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    Office locations and contact information, and an inquiry form for more information.

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    A quick guide to getting started with key website features.

  • Security

    Tips for safeguarding access to your hospital's data.