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  • August 25, 2015

Comparing Steroid Use Among Inpatients With Asthma

A new study finds the use of dexamethasone in patients who are hospitalized for asthma reduces hospital stays and yields health care savings. The study, published in the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Pediatrics, indicates administering dexamethasone to patients admitted for asthma exacerbation at children’s hospitals had shorter hospital stays. This resulted in admission cost savings of 8 percent more than patients who received prednisone, a commonly used steroid for these inpatients.

The study, “Comparative Effectiveness of Dexamethasone Versus Prednisone in Children Hospitalized With Asthma,” was the first to compare the two steroids commonly administered to hospitalized patients with asthma exacerbations. It used care delivery data from CHA’s Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS).

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