A Call to Action to Protect Our Children

A Call to Action to Protect Our Children

Children’s Hospital Association comments on the events in Uvalde, Texas.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the tragic loss of life in Uvalde, Texas, Children’s Hospital Association calls on the leadership of our country to redouble efforts to keep our children safe.

Gun violence is a public health crisis for our children and their families. While pediatric clinicians and staff in children’s hospitals and health systems remain at the front lines to heal the physical and emotional wounds, these tragedies will continue without greater action from our federal, state and local governments and our communities.

Children continue to suffer threats to their safety, physical and mental health, and day-to-day well-being, and they are impacted—directly and indirectly—by traumatic events in their environments. Gun violence in the home, in schools and in our neighborhoods, has long-term effects on the victims, the bystanders and those who live with fear and anxiety about what might occur, affecting children’s health and well-being.

More must be done now. Additionally, prioritizing public policies and programs to ensure safe environments for children requires bipartisan action and investments in behavioral and mental health screening. 

As a nation, we must stand ready to work toward solutions, reducing the trauma caused by gun violence and create safe homes, schools and communities for children to play, live and learn.

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