Children's Hospitals Stand with Ukraine

Children's Hospitals Stand with Ukraine

As children’s hospitals and health care workers, it is heartbreaking to witness the scenes across Ukraine unfold during the Russian invasion.

The tragedy and violence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has a significant impact on the citizens of Ukraine as well as all of those who witness the crisis as it unfolds—particularly children. As children’s hospitals and health care workers, it is heartbreaking to witness the scenes in hospitals, as the attacks present enormous challenges on the sophisticated pediatric hospital care in Ukraine. 

The few children’s hospitals in Ukraine are in the larger cities, and patient care has been disrupted by the constant threat of air strikes. Their infant, child and young adult patients cannot be safely transferred to other community hospitals because of the specialized care they need.

Ukraine children’s hospitals will require global support to care for the patients who must remain and coordinate and transport patients who must be transferred to other children’s hospitals outside of the war zone, as soon as possible.

Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) has been in close contact with the global children’s hospital community, particularly those who are closest to Ukraine in the European Union and Israel to coordinate possible support and response as needed.

They know that U.S. children’s hospitals stand ready to support them as they are on the front lines of efforts to support Ukraine’s children’s hospitals in caring for their patients. We are also coordinating with our purchasing partners to ensure pediatric supplies and medications are included in potential aid based on the needs of the Ukrainian hospitals.

We have sent a letter to President Biden asking for financial, coordinative and advocacy support for children requiring the care of a children’s hospital.

As a community of children’s hospitals, we have a strong mission and desire to help, and there are many ways to do so through philanthropic organizations with a presence in Ukraine as well as reputable local, national and international charities mobilized to do good work. We recommend advocates for children support those organizations that resonate most. We must also support our staff, family and friends who have connections to Ukraine as we rally together to protect critically ill children.

CHA—made up of more than 200 children’s hospitals—stands with Ukraine and our global children’s hospital community to care for children during the conflict.

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