Taking the Conversation to Washington: Kids' and Families' Mental Health Stories

Taking the Conversation to Washington: Kids' and Families' Mental Health Stories

May 31, 2022


11 a.m. - Noon EST


  • Written By:
    Laura Willing, M.D.
    Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
    Children's National Hospital
  • Written By:
    Kathy Castor
    U.S. Representative, D-Fla.
  • Written By:
    Ashley Niggl-Aguiar
    Massachusetts School Psychologists Association
  • Written By:
    Nanfi N. Lubogo
    Co-Executive Director, PATH–Parent 2 Parent and Family Voices of Connecticut
  • Written By:
    Robyn Freedner-Maguire
    Vermont Family Network
  • Written By:
    Melissa and Austin
    Patient voices from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Written By:
    Alexix Pratt
    SPAN Parent Advocacy Network, New Jersey
  • Written By:
    Nicole Pratt
    SPAN Parent Advocacy Network, New Jersey

About This Event

Sound the Alarm for Kids will host a patient-focused roundtable discussion in conjunction with the Children's Health Care Caucus. The event will explore what steps can be taken to improve kids' mental health and ensure children and their families have access to appropriate prevention and treatment. The roundtable is part of a series spotlighting the national emergency in child and adolescent mental health. The discussion will be led by Laura Willing and will include kids, teens and families who will share stories of their mental health journey. 

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