Social Needs Screening: Moving Towards System Wide Implementation

Social Needs Screening: Moving Towards System Wide Implementation

March 07, 2024

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  • Written By:
    Stormee Williams, MD, MBA
    Chief Health Equity Officer
    Children's Health, Dallas
  • Written By:
    Barry Owen, MBA
    VP and ACNO Ambulatory
    Children's Health, Dallas

About This Event

Screening for social drivers of health (SDOH) is top of mind for many hospitals and health systems, but moving from small pilots to full scale implementation can be difficult.

In this webinar, leaders from Children’s Health in Dallas discuss how they went from piloting SDOH screening in a few clinics to implementation in both ambulatory and inpatient settings. Learn what processes were put in place, what hospital staff were part of the team, and how implementation looks different in different care settings throughout the institution.

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