Equity in Child Safety

Equity in Child Safety

March 26, 2024

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  • Written By:
    Torine Creppy
    President, Safe Kids Worldwide
  • Written By:
    Dr. Sadiqa Kendi
    Division Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Division, Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine; Chief Medical Officer, Safe Kids Worldwide

About This Event

Join us to hear insights from Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit dedicated to safeguarding children from preventable injuries, the leading cause of death among kids in the United States. Presenters will unveil the injury equity framework — a tool to address disparities in child safety outcomes, particularly for marginalized and underserved groups.

Examples of tangible efforts and tools, such as the Safe Kids Injury Risk Index, will be shared, highlighting Safe Kids Worldwide's commitment to prioritizing equity, identifying gaps, implementing data-driven interventions, and fostering sustainable structural changes. Attendees will also learn how children's hospitals can collaborate with Safe Kids Worldwide and other partners to advance equitable strategies in injury prevention, ensuring the safety of all children.

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