The Effects of Drug and Supply Shortages on Children's Hospitals and Their Patients

The Effects of Drug and Supply Shortages on Children's Hospitals and Their Patients

Children’s hospitals have long dealt with shortages of drugs and supplies that patients rely on for care.

Drugs and supplies intended for children are unique. Many pediatric drugs come in formulations to support safer dosing, such as an altered concentration or format. When drugs or supplies are in, or nearing, shortage, important patient procedures may be delayed or even canceled.

Children's hospitals have long dealt with shortages of critical drugs and supplies. Research by Children's Hospital Association (CHA) and Vizient found that children's hospitals are disproportionately affected by drug shortages compared to non-pediatric hospitals. A similar research project is currently underway to determine the impact of supply shortages on children's hospitals.

When addressing these shortages, communication is vital. To assess a shortage, CHA begins by convening a small group of hospitals and suppliers to learn more about the shortage and its cause. Through data and collaboration, we work to ensure hospitals receive the necessary drugs and supplies, allowing patients to receive the most optimal care available.

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