Introduction to Finance Course Overview

Introduction to Finance Course Overview

This course will review basic financial concepts and provide examples of practical applications in the workplace.
Quick Takes

  • Approved for 0.75 CNE contact hours.
  • Length of course is 42 minutes.
  • Appropriate for any staff who need to have a basic understanding of financial concepts.
  • This course in the Foundations for Emerging Leaders Library.

To effectively manage revenue and expenses in health care operations, personnel must understand and be comfortable with financial information and the factors that impact health care economics.

Course objectives

  • Explain the basic concepts of finance related to operations.
  • Demonstrate use of key financial measurements and calculations.
  • Describe the difference between volume-based and value-based health care systems.
  • Illustrate one example of how staff members can reduce the cost to deliver care.

Key feature

  • Interactive, practical guided scenarios.

Note: This course is only available to staff at PLS Participating Hospitals through their Learning Management Systems.


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