Building Effective Teams Course Overview

Building Effective Teams Course Overview

Learners explore the dynamics of a team, how to develop a productive team, and working toward a common goal.
Quick Takes

  • Length of course is approximately 77 minutes.
  • Available CNE (0.6 contact hours) credit.
  • Part of the Foundations for Emerging Leaders Library.
  • Released on Aug. 1, 2021.

As health care environments continue to rapidly change, it is important for organizations to have a method of adapting to the current demands. Managing this successfully requires that organizations have a method for developing and sustaining successful teams.

As we all work toward improving patient outcomes while decreasing the cost of care, team dynamics and sustainability will be even more important to an organization’s success. In this course, we will explore the varying dynamics of a team, how to develop a productive and efficient team and successfully get team members working toward a common goal.


  • Describe an effective ‘team,’ including the structure of a team, development of the team and the roles and responsibilities of the members.
  • Discuss strategies to facilitate open communication while avoiding common communication errors.
  • Identify characteristics of participative management.
  • Describe methods for facilitating successful team decision making.


  • This course follows a scenario of a new team lead as her department works to develop a new program.
  • Explore the stages of team development, aspects of communication, building trust, using conflict, and participative management.

Note: This course is only available to staff at PLS Participating Hospitals through their Learning Management Systems


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