• Alerts

    Urgent action alerts on patient safety and public policy advocacy.

  • Analyses or Summaries

    Summary of a report, legislation, regulation or measure, and analysis of what it means to children's health and children's hospitals.

  • Articles

    Articles from Children's Hospitals Today magazine and pediatric research journals.

  • Case Studies

    Examples of how children's hospitals have addressed various issues.

  • Fact Sheets

    Brief presentation of data on a topic.

  • Issue Briefs

    Concise summary of an issue with data supporting position or recommendation on the issue.

  • Letters or Testimonies

    Letter or testimony commenting on government action on a specific issue or a regulation.

  • Newsletters

    Association newsletters on various issues.

  • Presentations

    Presentations from conferences, webinars, briefings or other events.

  • Reference Materials

    Supplemental references and documentation on a topic or issue.

  • Reports

    Significant publication, survey results, research findings or collaborative outcomes.

  • Samples or Templates

    Templates for letters, presentations, brochures and more that hospitals can modify and use.

  • Standards or Guidelines

    Procedures, standards, guidelines and protocols.

  • Talking Points

    Key messages provided to hospitals to support policy positions or explain issues.