• Fact Sheet
  • May 31, 2019

Sepsis PLS Course Detail

Approximately 4,500 children die every year from sepsis in the United States. However, the actual number of associated deaths is likely to be higher as many patients with an underlying disease process, such as prematurity or congenital heart disease, also die from sepsis. 

New consensus definitions have standardized what is meant by sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock. Using these definitions, medical providers can now follow national guidelines to treat these serious conditions quickly. This course will discuss these terms in detail.

    • Describe mechanism of pediatric sepsis in relation to the inflammatory response and organ dysfunction.
    • Examine clinical manifestations in pediatric sepsis, including severe sepsis/septic shock.
    • Discuss common causative organisms of pediatric sepsis.
    • Identify patients at risk for pediatric sepsis.
    • Examine laboratory and diagnostic tests frequently used in screening for or monitoring of pediatric sepsis.
    • Discuss treatment strategies.
    Quick Facts:
    • Length of course is approximately 45 minutes
    • Available for CRCE (1 contact hour) and CNE (.7 contact hours) credit
    • Part of our Acute Care Learning Solutions product line
    • Released in 2018. 


    NOTE: This course is only available to staff at PLS Participating Hospitals through their Learning Management Systems. If you are interested, please check with your organization’s learning staff or contact Patty Kohn to learn more.