Children's Hospitals Today, Spring 2017

The spring issue looks at how a patient's genes can impact drug response, how technology is helping parents care for babies at home, and what happens when suicide becomes a contagion.


Examining the Role Genes Play in a Patient's Drug Response
Pharmacogenomics helps clinicians prescribe a more effective dose. This could lead to fewer adverse advents and lower the cost of care. 

Bringing the Care Team Home Virtually for Patients with Congenital Heart Defects
For babies with a potentially fatal congenital heart condition, a new monitoring app is leading to better care, reduced costs and a longer life. 

When Suicide is Contagious
Exposure to suicidal behavior increases the risk for children and adolescents to attempt suicide. This can lead to suicide clusters, a rare and infrequently documented phenomena. 

4 Ways to Take Action Against Suicide Clusters
Here are key lessons one hospital learned during its experience with two suicide clusters. 



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