Children's Hospitals Today, Spring 2016

The spring 2016 issue covers neonatal abstinence syndrome, encouraging the mother-baby bond and how to prevent infections in the home care setting.


Strategies to Care for Babies Born Drug Dependent 
The number of babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome is on the rise. Children’s hospitals are developing protocols to treat newborns born drug dependent and help them get a better start at life. 

Encouraging the Mother-Baby Bond in the NICU
Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital demonstrated the importance of challenging traditional approaches to pediatric disease management.

Preventing Infections in the Home Care Setting
Partner with parents and in-home caregivers to prevent infections in the ambulatory setting. 

How Technology Aids Communication
Sponsored Case Study: Texas Children’s Hospital integrated smartphone technology with nurse call and physiological alarms to provide team members with a consolidated communication tool.

Improving Safety of Clinical Alarm Systems 
Sponsored Webinar: Learn how UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital is improving patient safety and reducing alarm fatigue with a coordinated alarm management plan. 


Help Families Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance
An educational initiative can help parents improve upon their hand washing. 

Engage Patients in Hand Hygiene
A fun strategy will help patients hold team members accountable. 

4 Tips for Hand Hygiene Compliance Success
Arkansas Children’s Hospital shares how to get results. 

How to Stop Sepsis Through Training
Team training and hands-on practice are important for stopping the number one enemy in children’s hospitals. 

Early Detection of Hip Disorders Helps Patients with Cerebral Palsy
A new collaborative program promotes positive outcomes among patients. 

3 Ways to Think Like a Kid
Innovative, new ideas come from uninhibited thinking. 

Measuring Community Benefit of Children’s Hospitals
External requirements can lead to a strategic shift and community engagement. 

Everyday Hero: Cardiologist Helps Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death in Kids Through Nonprofit
This Everyday Hero puts his efforts into helping children and teens. 

4 Ways to Manage Employees’ Specialty Drug Use
Employee wellness investments like specialty drugs lead to better outcomes and improved productivity. 

Implementing Delivery System Transformation
Here’s an update on year two of the CARE Award. 

Working Together on Drug Pricing and Shortages
Children’s hospitals can work together to ensure patients have access to lifesaving drugs. 

Seattle Children’s Identifies $1 Million in Savings from Onsite Purchased Services Assessment
Gain efficiencies, save money and improve performance. 

The Effects of the Nation’s Drug Epidemic
The smallest victims fight the hardest.

Supporting a Speech Therapy App
Evolving from frightened to grateful, a family boosts a project to bring speech therapy into homes and schools. 


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