Children's Hospitals Today, Fall 2015

This issue features articles on big data and how it could impact pediatric health care, preparing for an infectious disease outbreak, how safety huddles promote transparency and creating coaching programs for physician leaders.


What Big Data Means for Pediatrics

While the idea of big data in pediatrics may seem like a lot of futuristic tech talk, it’s already here. And it presents an opportunity to drive significant improvements in pediatric health care—now and for years to come.

Emerging Infectious Disease Threats

Planning and preparedness are critical to mitigating the impact of an infectious disease outbreak. Here’s how three children’s hospitals are getting ready.

Pandemic Preparedness Must Dos
These items should be in place at every health care facility.

Special Isolation Unit Design Checklist
Here are considerations for designing and using this space.

Daily Safety Huddles Increase Awareness
In just minutes a day, safety huddles promote transparency, teamwork and real-time review. But most of all, they help teams provide safe care.

Tips for Implementing Daily Safety Huddles
Here's how to maximize your organization's huddle experience.

Helping Physicians Develop Leadership Skills
For physicians, transitioning a leadership position can mean learning a new set of skills. Set them up for success with a coaching program to help them prepare to lead an organization into the future.


3-D Technology Finds a Place in Children’s Hospitals
The medical community is enthusiastically exploring the possibilities of 3-D printers.

Defining Population Health
Children's hospitals are defining their roles in population health in their communities and in the patient populations they serve.

Tip: Build Teamwork and Communication With First Names
Here's what happened when one hospital eliminated titles and everyone went on a first-name basis. 

Early Lessons Learned From the CARE Award
Children's hospitals are changing care delivery to improve care management and reduce unnecessary costs for children with medical complexity.

Child’s Story: College, Grades and Waiting for a Heart
A young man waits for a new heart without putting his life on hold.

Data Helps Support Choosing Wisely Campaign
Children's hospitals helped finalize the report card for PHIS.

Everyday Hero: The Team Player
This doctor identifies treatments that could lead to better care for thousands of patients.

Q&A: Health Policy and Innovation Guru Farzad Mostashari
Answers from a top health care innovator.

Technology Supports Rural Children With Medical Complexities
Investing in telemedicine can help support rural children with complex medical conditions and their families. 

Former Children's Hospital Patient, Now Employee
After a tragedy, this employee understands the struggles, emotions and fears children face.

New Activity Recommendations for Kids with Heart Condition
A wider range of sports may be safe for kids with heart condition.

New CHA Tools to Support Your Needs
From analytics to clinical education and conferences, we've got you covered.

The Profound Impact of Patients as Advocates
Patient advocates will shape the future of health care. Here's how.

Two Ways to Reduce Costs
Reduce costs and maintain high outcomes with value analysis and purchased services.

Your Support to Fight for Children's Hospitals Is Critical
Join us in the fight for better futures for the nation's children's hospitals.

Editor’s Note: Finding the Human Connection
In a busy world, we forget about each other. 


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