Children's Hospitals Today, Fall 2014

This issue examines the effect of stress and burnout on medical teams. Also read about the eight things your hospital CFO wants you to know, tips for improving safety and efficiency from NASA and more.


Helping Hospital Employees Cope With Stress and Burnout
Stress can burn out even the most dedicated employees. Here’s how to recognize the signs and help staff members reignite their passion for providing the best care to kids.

8 Principles of Analytics That Influence Hospital Decisions
To ensure the flow of data and information is clearly communicated up the ladder, here are key principles of analytics to consider, whether you’re an executive who relies on an analytics team or a nursing director who influences decisions.

Managing Patients With Autism to Effectively Deliver Care
It can be hard to know the best way to interact with patients with autism and their parents. To help make the hospital experience more positive for this population, develop a plan for patient and family-centered care that results in betterclinical outcomes and experiences.

Streamlining Data to Improve Quality and Safety
On a quest to improve patient safety and team efficiency, one hospital is taking a cue from NASA’s Mission Control and developing a hospital operations center. Here’s a closer look at what spaceflight and health care have in common.

Hospital Anti-bullying Program Helps Kids Cope
A health care issue worthy of attention, bringing parents, communities and schools together can help battle bullying.

New Treatment for Inoperable Brain Tumors
A minimally invasive laser ablation extends hope to patients with rare brain tumors. For 8-year-old Gavin, it’s helped him battle a rare and mature teratoma tumor.

Deciding to Become a Locum Tenens Doctor
If you’ve got an itch to explore the country, work in different hospitals and gain new experiences, life as a locum tenens may be for you.

Improving the Patient Identification Process
After reviewing the patient identification process, one hospital took on the challenge to improve and came up with budget-conscious solutions for ensuring patient safety.

Child Story: Finding Comfort at a Specialty Children’s Hospital
After an uncertain start to life, 16-year-old Kara helps strengthen her family.


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