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  • February 21, 2018

Creating Health Virtual Learning

This learning portfolio continues to explore key population health concepts by combining webinars, micro-learning and more to promote a common vocabulary and knowledge critical to culture change and health security for children and their communities. It builds skills to drive change that results in better care, healthier children and smarter spending. You will be speaking to and learning from your professional peers on business strategy, community health, and care management to support population health strategies.

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Past webinars and calls

Addressing Childhood Adversity and Building Resilience: A Hospital’s ResponseProtected content icon
December 19, 2018

Hospitals, Schools & Communities Working Together
November 7, 2018

A Focus on Healthy Weight and Food Security
October 18, 2018

Behavioral Health Webinar: Building Community Capacity to Respond to Behavioral Health Needs
September 20, 2018

Behavioral Health Webinar: Addressing Behavioral Health Needs In A Pediatric Value-Based Model
August 8, 2018

Maternal and Infant Mental Health: Hospital-wide and Clinic Integration
August 1, 2018

Exploring Applications of the Child Opportunity Index
July 11, 2018

Audiocast: How are Children's Hospitals a Critical Community Resource? Protected content icon
June 12, 2018

Saving Our Smallest: A Community Approach to Reducing Infant Mortality 
April 26, 2018

Fostering Relationships to Maximize Community Health Impact
March 19, 2018

Forming a Statewide Pediatric Clinically Integrated NetworkProtected content icon
March 6, 2018

Population Health Strategies for Accountable Health
Dec. 7, 2017 

Resource Mapping for Early Childhood Comprehensive Health
Nov. 15, 2017

Member Highlight Webinar: Launching a Clinically Integrated Network to Meaningfully Advance Care: From Concept to Practice
Aug. 31, 2017

Member Highlight Webinar: Refining the Design - Using QI Practices for Greater Impact 
Aug. 29, 2017

From Pilot to Practice: Implementing and Disseminating Innovations Protected content icon
July 25, 2017

Member Highlight Webinar: Integrating Mental and Behavioral Health
July 18, 2017

Integrating Mental and Behavioral HealthProtected content icon
June 21, 2017 

Hospital Collaborations with Schools
June 19, 2017 

Engaging Community in Care Coordination 
June 6, 2017 

Engaging Communities to Optimize Care CoordinationProtected content icon
May 9, 2017 

Value-based Care: Two Member Experiences
April 27, 2017 2:00 p.m. ET

Value-based Care: Anchor of the New Health Care Landscape Protected content icon
April 11, 2017

Staff Competencies to Support Population Health Protected content icon
Dec. 6, 2016

Role of Data Analytics for Population Health Protected content icon
Nov. 17, 2016

How Social Determinants of Health Impact Care Delivery Protected content icon
Oct. 26, 2016

Population Health – Why it Matters Protected content icon
Oct. 11, 2016

Mental and Behavioral Health Integration in Pediatric Primary Care
Sept. 15, 2016

Looking Outside Hospital Walls: Care Coordination for Children with Medical Complexity
Aug. 9, 2016

Building Community Alliances Based on Trust: Two Member Experiences
July 27, 2016

Building Community Capacity to Advance Health
June 15, 2016

Retail Health Partnerships: Reaching Community Populations Close to Home
June 9, 2016

Attacking Childhood Asthma: Two Member Approaches to Chronic Care Management
June 2, 2016

Cross-sector Collaboration: Federal Tools for Developmental and Behavioral Screening
April 26, 2016

Screening for Social Determinants of Health: Two Member Experiences
April 14, 2016

Hospitals and Schools Working Together: Two Member Experiences
March 30, 2016

Creating Shared Accountability With Value-based Financing
Jan. 6, 2016

Socioeconomic Status and Child Health: Research and Intervention
Sept. 22, 2015

Innovative Programming at the Center for Community Health and Engagement
July 23, 2015

Collaborating With Payers to Improve Population Health
May 27, 2015

Boston Children's Hospital's Community Asthma Initiative
March 24, 2015