• Reference Material
  • May 20, 2016

Community Health Strategy Peer Network Frequently Asked Questions

We do our CHNA with a coalition. Can members of my coalition join the network?

Membership in the network is limited to employees of CHA member hospitals or systems. However, we know working in coalition is often crucial to this process and anticipate there will be specific webinars or discussions where you can invite your coalition members to participate. 

Can you explain the options of presenting via webinar, facilitating a discussion or serving as an advisor? 

When the active enrollment period ends, CHA staff will review the surveys and determine the greatest needs, and how best to share information to meet them. If a particular topic interests the full group and lends itself well to presentation, then we’ll cover that via webinar. Some topics are better suited for small group discussion. And, if there’s something one hospital is struggling with that another feels they are excelling in, we would look to match peers for one-on-one advising. Based on your enrollment survey we will determine the best fit for your expertise and request your participation in that way. 

How do I determine who the right team members are to join the network?

The network will be best suited for those who have primary responsibility for the CHNA, implementation and/or evaluation. Additionally, those who are peripherally involved in components of these projects and wish to gain more knowledge and experience on the topics could benefit from joining.

I’m the only person in my hospital responsible for this work. Can I participate alone?

Yes. While we encourage you to connect others who may benefit, you can join individually. 

I have a suggestion for a resource/speaker/expert, who do I contact?

Stacy Biddinger will be the primary facilitator for the group and welcomes your suggestions. Additionally, when programming begins, we will offer a discussion group (listserv) for all members to share suggestions with the network.