• Presentation or Recording
  • October 29, 2014

Injury Prevention Webinars

Injury harms more children than all childhood diseases combined. Children’s hospitals are working to change that.

We invite you to listen and learn from the experts through these inspiring presentations. Topics include safe sleep practices, hospital-based violence intervention, bullying and drowning prevention programs as well as evaluation and program development. Together, we are advancing child health through prevention.

Are You Making an Impact? Evaluating and Comparing the Population Health Impact of Community Benefit Programs
October 2014

Bedside Counseling in the Hospital—An Intervention and Data Collection Framework
August 2014

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Safe Sleep for Infants in the Hospital
June 2014

Violent Injury Intervention—How Hospitals Can Support Our Children
April 2014

Concussion Care for Kids—Minds Matter
February 2014

Can Asking Different Questions Prevent Injuries and Save Lives?
December 2013

Evidence-based Practice for Injury Prevention
October 2013

Prevention Strategies for All-terrain Vehicles
August 2013

Injury and Obesity Prevention on the Way to School
May 2013

Creating and Building an Injury Prevention Center
February 2013

Beyond “Back to Sleep”—Growing a Movement to Help Babies Survive
December 2012

Cultural Competency and Child Passenger Safety
October 2012

Bullying Prevention—A Public Health Perspective
August 2012

Drowning Prevention Programs
June 2012

Data Basics for Cost-outcome Analysis
December 2010

Trends in Safety Store Replication
June 2009