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  • January 2, 2020

Pediatric Residency Programs: Giving Back

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center's Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Clinical Fellowship Program

Julie B. Osborn, M.D., was so inspired by the children’s hospital team that saved her life she became a doctor and joined the team.

Julie B. Osborn, M.D.

“At 12 years old, after a few weeks of being sick, my family and I learned I was in acute liver failure—we were told I only had seven days to live. I underwent a liver transplant, two angioplasties, and four organ rejections at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center on my journey to a full recovery.

I was incredibly inspired by my care team and knew I wanted to be a pediatric gastroenterologist or hepatologist. Today, I’m a clinical fellow in the gastroenterology division of a hospital I first entered under very different circumstances—Cincinnati Children’s. I was given the opportunity to train with a team of excellent physicians with a broad range of knowledge and experience, and a limitless compassion for kids—a team that saved my life.

My experience as a former child patient constantly affects how I care for my patients. I share my medical journey with them to make sure they know a liver transplant should not stop them from following their dreams.

My own dream is coming true—thanks in part to the CHGME program. CHGME provides federal funds to children’s hospitals to help train pediatric residents and fellows. This program helps doctors like me follow our dreams to care for kids.”

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