Core Values

In carrying out our mission to advance innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care with our children's hospitals, the CHA staff follow these core values:

We serve with purpose and passion

  • Give our members and each other our best every day
  • Focus on solutions to improve the health and health care of children
  • Set high expectations and deliver
  • Ask for help and proactively look for opportunities to grow

We collaborate to have a greater impact

  • Bring together the collective expertise, knowledge and experiences to achieve our goals
  • Respect the views and opinions of others
  • Serve as one team, individuals united in purpose
  • Applaud each other's successes
  • Share information to build a strong collective knowledge base

We are trustworthy

  • Create respectful relationships and a trusting environment
  • Speak up, directly and openly; listen and be willing to be influenced
  • Address conflict constructively and in a timely way
  • Make reasonable commitments and keep them
  • Act with integrity and ethics

We embrace change with optimism and hope

  • Demonstrate positive energy and a can-do attitude
  • Address challenges with curiosity and an openness to learn
  • Serve with inspiration, enthusiasm and joy
  • Build relationships and have fun along the way

We are responsible stewards

  • Be resourceful
  • Manage the resources entrusted to us to serve others more effectively
  • Be flexible and innovative in achieving results
  • Be accountable for results
  • Learn from mistakes and move forward