Facilitating Leadership: How to Grow Your Teams

Facilitating Leadership: How to Grow Your Teams

A longtime CEO shares his top tips for empowering teams to be their best.

Sheldon Stein, former president and CEO of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, has held leadership positions at the hospital for nearly three decades. During his 20-year tenure as CEO, the hospital’s employee base grew by more than 250%. He shared his top three leadership tips for bringing out the best in your teams.

Be visible

By regularly walking around and talking to your hospital staff, you will get to know them on a personal level and build trust. I made it a practice to be present with my team and get to know each of my employees’ names and interests.

Create a culture of feedback

When your staff trusts you, they will feel safe sharing their authentic feedback. This allows leaders to detect issues much earlier and uncover where support is needed, ultimately resulting in your hospital running better and improving your team’s quality of life.

Empower staff

As hospital leaders, we are facilitators. Our role is to hire the right people and provide the necessary resources, tools, and support so they are empowered to provide the best quality of care possible for the patients we serve.

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