An Accessible Way to Help Families With Technology Needs

An Accessible Way to Help Families With Technology Needs

A tech bar helps families with health care technology and removes the burden from providers.

Cook Children’s Health Care System in Fort Worth, Texas, is making access to technology assistance a key priority for patients and families. The health care system unveiled a technology help area, similar to Apple’s Genius Bar, which provides families access to health technology advocates.

The Techsperts assist families with setup and support for their child’s medical device and MyCookChildren’s account. Peaks Tech Zone is convenient for patients and families and saves time during doctors’ appointments. Having Techsperts on campus allows physicians to focus on the child’s condition during visits instead of explaining how to use medical devices. Virtual consultations are also available.

Techspert consultations are available via appointment and walk-ins, and can assist with:

  • Hands-on experience with the devices recommended for a patient’s care.
  • Syncing technology to devices, apps and the MyCookChildren’s patient portal.
  • Learning about some of the apps the health care team recommends for families.
  • Education about the world of virtual care and telemedicine.

“Cook Children’s has long embraced information technology as a way to improve patient quality and safety,” says Theresa Meadows, senior vice president and chief information officer. “With a background in nursing, I understand the effect technology can have on outcomes for patients. That’s why this project has been so important. We want to remove barriers for families, while helping our physicians spend less time with technology and more time with the children in their care.”

Peaks Tech Zone also features a Technology-to-Go kiosk where families can purchase items such as headphones, tablets, charging cables, batteries, portable gaming and wearable devices. In addition, children can take an imaginative adventure through Peaks the Dragon’s World with a 100-inch touch screen, offering endless entertainment during consultations.

“Our patients and families expect more transparent and personalized services when it comes to their health care experience,” says Kevin Greene, assistant vice president and administrator. “It is essential to constantly look for new ways to provide exceptional and compassionate care and service, every step of the way. The Peaks Tech Zone is another way to do that.”

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