Quality of Care Is Priority One

Quality of Care Is Priority One

Whether building a new facility or looking to reduce expenses, never lose sight of patient outcomes.

In building the new Borowy Family Children's Critical Care Tower at Wolfson Children's Hospital, Michael Aubin stressed to his team the importance of one underlying principle. "We must remember that what we're here for is to provide great patient outcomes," says Aubin, FACHE, hospital president of Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. "We can never compromise the quality of care—no matter what we do."

In the new $224 million Borowy Family Children's Critical Care Tower at Wolfson Children's Hospital, patients and families experience an expansive NICU and amenities aimed at creating a warm and hospitable environment.

The $224 million facility at Wolfson Children's includes an expansive NICU, a cardiovascular ICU and a dedicated burn unit. All 127 new patient suites are equipped for use with predictive analytic technology. Additionally, the new tower was designed with amenities to create a warm and hospitable environment for patient families. The driving force behind all these features: improving patient outcomes. Aubin says never losing sight of the patient is even more important when budget challenges arise.

"Today, when we're all working through staffing shortages, trying to control costs and looking for efficiencies, it could get lost in the shuffle," Aubin says. "No matter how many challenges we face, we know we don't compromise on the care we provide."

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