3 Keys to Successful Projects

3 Keys to Successful Projects

Directing a team toward a milestone achievement requires the right mix of determination and motivation.

Securing budgetary resources in a children's hospital amidst numerous competing projects is always a challenge, but the financial pressures of the past year have made that task even more difficult. According to Edward Hickey, M.D., surgical director, Adult Congenital Heart Program, Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, sometimes a persistent approach pays off.

"I'm working in a field that doesn't get the most attention," says Hickey. "So, I'm constantly working to secure resources."

Lead by example and feed inspiration

Hickey is no stranger to big projects. He and his team recently opened the doors on a new 27,000-square-foot adult congenital heart disease center at Texas Children's, and he says there are three characteristics crucial to leading a successful project:

  • Inspiration. "You've got to inspire people," he says. "You've got to bring stakeholders on board and make them realize your ideas are very valuable and necessary."
  • Talent. It's important to bring together the right mix of staff to reach your goals. "It's all about the people—and having the right people who are hungry, visionary and dynamic," Hickey says. 
  • Humility. Leading by example and sharing credit for successes is instrumental in keeping all team members on board. "When things go well, don't beat your chest and act as if it's only you," Hickey says. "Be humble and congratulate everyone around you."

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