Help Your Team See the Big Picture

Help Your Team See the Big Picture

As Tim Robinson transitions to his new CEO role, he’s helping hospital staff embrace the vision and live it every day.

Tim Robinson has seen a lot of changes during his 24-year tenure with Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. And as its recently appointed CEO, Robinson has a strategic vision for even more growth and expansion at Nationwide Children’s, including the construction of a 380,000-square-foot behavioral health pavilion.

Successfully implementing such large-scale changes can present challenges on many levels, but Robinson says the key is to make sure the vision is shared across the organization.

“It comes down to the mission that all children's hospitals are blessed to have and making sure that we're honoring that every day,” Robinson says. “But communicating it and making sure that everyone in the organization has a line of sight to that vision is incredibly important.”

Robinson adds it’s especially important to ensure team members can connect their day-to-day duties to the big picture. “It can be hard to keep that in front of people, so they understand what they're doing is much more than the task at hand—it’s how they're contributing to this bigger vision,” Robinson says.

Ultimately, Robinson says having ownership in the hospital’s collective vision can be a source of tremendous satisfaction for all involved. “It's all about culture—living those values every day and doing what's right,” Robinson says. “They understand how these pieces fit together and why we're doing what we do. They can see what we're doing in the community and that is a source of pride for them.”

Learn more about Robinson’s vision for pediatric behavioral health care at Nationwide Children’s.

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