Innovative Approaches to Address Housing Needs: What Pediatricians and Hospital Systems Can Do

Innovative Approaches to Address Housing Needs: What Pediatricians and Hospital Systems Can Do

Oct. 30, 2023

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  • Written By:
    Christopher Corcoran
    Manager, Healthy Homes
    Connecticut Children's Medical Center
  • Written By:
    Janna Gewirtz O'Brien, MD, MPH, FAAP
    Faculty Member and Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota; Adolescent Medicine Physician, Hennepin Healthcare

About This Event

Join Children's Hospital Association and American Academy of Pediatrics for "Housing and Health — Engaging the Pediatric Community," a two-part webinar series exploring ways that children’s hospitals and pediatric practices can support the relationship between secure and healthy housing and improved health status for children and families.

In the second webinar, "Innovative Approaches to Address Housing Needs: What Pediatrician’s and Hospital System’s Can Do," we’ll hear from the manager of a hospital-based healthy homes program, who will share how they work with partners to enhance the quality, stability and affordability of housing in their community. We'll also hear from a pediatrician who leads community-engaged, cross-sector work at the intersection of housing, health care and public health to optimize health and bolster resilience among youth experiencing homelessness. The webinar will include lessons learned and strategies to launch similar programs.

View the first webinar in the series, "From Housing Security to Healthy Housing — Engaging Pediatric Providers."

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