Fostering a Shared Mental Model to Improve Sepsis Team Dynamics

Fostering a Shared Mental Model to Improve Sepsis Team Dynamics

April 14, 2022

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  • Written By:
    Elliot Melendez, MD
    Chief, Pediatric Critical Care, Connecticut Children’s
  • Written By:
    Anthony Sochet, MD, MHS
    Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

About This Event

Effective interdisciplinary communication is essential for improving patient outcomes yet remains a challenge in complex healthcare systems. Shared mental models empower teams to create common goals, make informed decisions, and provide optimal care. Presenters will describe the development and benefits of a standardized mental model framework and apply this to improving pediatric sepsis recognition and timely resuscitation.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the benefits of utilizing a shared mental model framework in the clinical setting.
  • Identify factors that facilitate congruent shared mental models among health care teams.
  • Discuss strategies to successfully implement a shared mental model framework.
  • Recognize the importance of utilizing a shared mental model framework to improve pediatric sepsis outcomes.

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