Children’s Health and Climate: A Children’s Hospital Perspective

Children’s Health and Climate: A Children’s Hospital Perspective

Aug. 15, 2024


2 p.m. EST


  • Written By:
    Ratan Milevoj
    Vice President of Innovation, Marketing, Communications, and Assistant Chief Strategy Officer, Valley Children's Healthcare
  • Written By:
    Mollie Grow, MD, MPH
    Associate Program Director, Seattle Children's; Professor of Pediatrics, University of Washington
  • Written By:
    Srini Pendikatla
    Sustainability Director, Seattle Children's

About This Event

Join Children’s Hospital Association for “Children’s Health and Climate,” a two-part webinar series. The series explores the ways climate change impacts children’s hospitals and pediatric health.

In this webinar, learn about Valley Children’s Healthcare and Seattle Children’s actions to address the climate crisis. Each hospital will share interventions to decrease carbon emissions and address the effects of climate on children's health.

Valley Children’s implemented an environmental strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. The organization also installed the largest pediatric health care-based renewable energy microgrid in the country.

Seattle Children’s established the Climate Change Clinical, Advocacy, Research, and Education (CARE) Committee, focusing on climate change’s effects on children’s health.

View the first webinar in the series, "Children's Health and Climate: A Federal Perspective."


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