Diagnostic Safety Toolkit

Diagnostic Safety Toolkit

The diagnostic safety toolkit provides strategies to make improvements through communication. It's designed to use anywhere in an organization and with any diagnosis.

Improving Communication to Enhance Diagnostic Safety

The diagnostic safety toolkit is designed to use anywhere in an organization and with any diagnosis.

Data submitted to the Child Health PSO prompted the toolkit creation when more than half of the reporting children's hospitals noted communication among the care team as a top contributor to diagnostic errors. The Patient Safety Team selected strategies to address communication failures within the diagnostic process based on data, the experiences of subject matter experts and children's hospitals' feedback. 

It's recommended to review your organization's case analysis on the topics of diagnostic safety and communication to determine how to best leverage the tool internally. Use this tool as an opportunity to connect with your care teams, including opportunities with patients and families to further enhance the risk mitigation strategies suggested. 


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The Child Health Patient Safety Organization enables children’s hospitals to share safety event information and experiences to accelerate the elimination of preventable harm.

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