Buy Vaccines Through Physician Purchasing Program

Buy Vaccines Through Physician Purchasing Program

Child Health Advantage allows each physician's office to choose what program fits best for their practice.

Child Health Advantage's contracts offer the best available pricing provided to physician purchasing programs. Access to these contracts requires compliance with the performance measurements set by the vaccine manufacturers. These performance measurements are identical across all physician buying groups.

Vaccines and enrollment instructions

AstraZeneca (Flu): To enroll, complete AstraZeneca's declaration form and submit it to and

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (GP Tier, Portfolio, Bexsero Only, Flu): Contact us for the appropriate PBG code before starting the enrollment process. You can then enroll online at GSK Direct.

Pfizer: Contact us for the appropriate PBG code before starting the enrollment process. You can then enroll online at Pfizer Prime Contracts following the instructions below.

  • Select the "Start Registration" button.
  • After registering, sign into the Portal and select the "Welcome to the Prime Contracts Portal" page.
  • Enter the PBG code and follow the instructions to join the contract.

Merck: Contact us to enroll. Child Health Advantage is the administrator for Merck and will handle enrollments directly.

Sanofi (Vaxelis, Mainline, Flu): To enroll, complete and submit the forms for the contract you would like to participate in. If currently purchasing Sanofi through a competing arrangement, you will also need to submit a contract change form.

Letters of commitment should be submitted to Child Health Advantage for processing and submission to Sanofi. The contact change form should be submitted directly to Sanofi, but please copy Child Health Advantage in the correspondence.

Seqirus (Flu): Coming soon.


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