Preventing Sepsis by Reimagining Systems and Engaging Patients

Preventing Sepsis by Reimagining Systems and Engaging Patients

A new early warning system at Texas Children’s Hospital gives teams of providers additional tools to save lives.

Texas Children’s Hospital is on the front lines of a growing national effort by pediatric clinicians to better thwart the deaths and organ damage sepsis causes. Between 8% and 21% of children with sepsis die, sometimes within only a handful of days, according to one frequently cited 2014 study in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

While the mortality rate at Texas Children’s falls below that, the pediatric hospital system has made the life-threatening condition one of its major quality improvement targets in the past two years and is determined to drive the number of deaths lower. Texas Children’s is active in the national pediatric sepsis collaborative formed by Children’s Hospital Association.

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About Sepsis

Sepsis is a leading cause of death in hospitalized children, and children’s hospitals are dedicated to improving outcomes through collaboration, early identification and timely treatment.

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