Pediatric Severe Sepsis in U.S. Children's Hospitals

Pediatric Severe Sepsis in U.S. Children's Hospitals

This research offers important insight into the rise in sepsis in children’s hospitals.

This study published in the November 2014 Pediatric Critical Care Medicine compared the prevalence, resource utilization and mortality for pediatric severe sepsis identified using two established strategies. This work offers important epidemiology demonstrating the rise in sepsis (incidence and severity) in children’s hospitals and provides baseline data for the new Association Sepsis Improvement Collaborative that launches in 2015.  

Balamuth F, Weiss SL, Neuman MI, Scott H, Brady PW, Paul R, Ferris RWD, McClead R, Hayes, K, Gaieski D, Hall M, Shah SS, and Alpern ER



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About Sepsis

Sepsis is a leading cause of death in hospitalized children, and children’s hospitals are dedicated to improving outcomes through collaboration, early identification and timely treatment.

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